Relevant aspects.

  • Term: 20 years starting from the date of grant.
  • Annuity payment: no
  • Obligation of exploiting the patent: no
  • Obligatory licenses: do not exist, except in the case of monopolistic abuse.
  • Patents of revalidation: are accepted provided that they are not commercially known in Chile.
  • Priority: 12 months.

Requirements for the application

  • Name, nationality and full address of the applicant.
  • Name and nationality of the inventor(s)
  • Title of the invention.
  • Number of the foreign patent priority, if any.
  • Term of the first foreign patent, if any.
  • Power of attorney signed before a notary and legalized by the Chilean Consulate.
  • When there is assignment, it must be signed before a notary public and legalized by the Chilean Consulate.
  • Abstract, specification, claims and drawings, if any.


  • Patentability requirements: Novelty, intensive step and industrial application.
  • Exceptions to the protection: In general, everything that is not novel has no inventive step or cannot be applied to industrial use.
  • Preliminary examination: is considered after the application has entered the department. Abstract of the invention is to published 60 working days after acceptance to prosecution.
  • Opposition: within 45 working days as from the publication date.
  • Proof: 45 working days, extensible to another 45 working days, if the applicant is a foreigner.
  • Examiners report & response to the examiner’s report: 60 working days,
    extensible to another 60 working days.
  • Final judicial decision: appealable before the industrial property court
    of arbitration within 15 working days.
  • Average term of the proceedings: without objections, 3.5 years;
    with objection, 5 years.
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